Friday, 21 January 2011

Eureka !! iphone gloves..

Today while doing the school run I've notice a weird knitted gloves on one of the moms. The tips of the thumb and two other fingers were knitted in a different yarn.We got chatting and she explained ,the gloves were  bought online and especially designed to touch , scroll etc your iphone whilst on your hands. I got a closer look and the yarn on those fingers tips had a shiny metallic silver thread through it. Here is a sketch (ignore the numbers)

I thought to myself what a brilliant idea, in this cold weather, when out and in need of texting, e-mails replying , facebooking etc on your ipad and iphone  , you don't want really to be messing with your gloves. I need to experiment  and not sure if its going to work but if I was to knit the fingertips with a electrically conductive metallic yarn (think Habu ) then I would create my own iphone gloves and boost my inner knitter ego!!!

1 comment:

  1. Very cool indeed! Might be a good idea to test the metallic yarn onto a smooth surface first to make sure it doesn't scratch it...
    Or am I just being a bit paranoid?
    Probably a bit of both because I dropped my phone and smashed the screen last week... touch screen still works but it's shattered...