Thursday, 28 October 2010

Pea vines shawl

Here is the lethal pea vines shawl by Ann Hanson. This shawl is not for the faint hearted. This shawl is also anti-social, it doesn't like people and small children talking and playing around it.
But if you behave nicely to it, give it your full attention it will reward you with some stunning views.

I chose to make the petite version which used less than 300 yards of the hand dyed seriously-gorgeous knit witches green yarn, a lovely Lacy cashmere mix which bloomed beautifully after blocking.

This is a close -up of the unblocked shawl. See how intricate and entangled everything looks?

You start the shawl from the widest part and gradually decreased stitches on the side panels going on towards the point of the triangle , then you just graft both side of the edging to create that point. All the difficult long rows are at the beginning when you are at most enthusiastic and the pattern kind of relaxes towards the end. I would strongly recommend using lots of stitch markers between the repeats.

The iPhone camera is convenient to use but it does not do justice to the color depth and the photo quality. Also the photographer is kind of under-age, he he, my daughter.

I'm now thinking about those gorgous hand warmers..

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