Saturday, 4 September 2010

Chinook Shawl

Here is a shawl with an eye catching pattern. From a beginning row of eyelets, the lace pattern grows to resemble rippling waves or fish scales. It is a kit supplied by knitpics , the designer is Nina Isaacson. Knitpics does not export to the UK so I had to send it to Kansas where my sister lives. The kit's cost at the time was only $20 and includes 5*50g balls of lace weight all different mixtures of alpaca, silk and merino (Alpaca cloud, Shadow, Gloss Lace, Shimmer)-Absolute bargain ! The yarn is held double ,so at times the yarn needed to be taken from both center and outer ball. You can see the flowing , graduating pool of color starting from a light faded heather to a stronger shade of lilac, purple and dark berry.
The pattern is really easy to remember and knit and my mind already thinks ahead about the possibilities of incorporating it in cardigans..

Here is a loser look, isn't this pretty.. :)

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