Sunday, 25 April 2010


Finally the spring has sprung, the weather got warmer and sunnier so I've managed to wear 'shallot' couple of times. I've knitted it whilst holidaying in Lanzarote . Its interesting to know that the yarn I've used was once part of several other garments worn by other people. Revive by Rowan is totally recycled. You see, there once were clothing, used or faulty or even new and then they've been sterilised and sorted by fibre composition and then grinded to loose fibers. Those loose fibers then were carded and spun into cotton , silk and viscose composition yarn.

Revive has flecks of color, not as soft as pima cotton and somewhat splitty if you are not careful.

I'm pleased with this little cardi, and the match to the Liberty's button.

Nice with sleeveless tee and jeans, sandals and sunglasses on..ahh summer soon !

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